How Growing Up In A Machista Culture Led Isabella Rolz To Journalism and Women Empowerment

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Ambitious and wise are just a few words I would use to describe today’s feature, Isabella Rolz. Growing up in Guatemala forced her to overcome many different obstacles. As a young girl, she was judged because her upbringing in Guatemala was quite different than that of others. But Isabella didn’t let her differences defeat her, she used all of the experiences she had growing up in a different country as motivation.

Growing up in Guatemala

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Driving every day through Guatemala’s unpaved streets and noticing the enormous prevalent gap that exists between the rich and the poor made her realize at a very young age the importance of being grateful for what one has. She graduated from a very privileged high school. There, she had opportunity to take classes where she learned more about third world countries and Latin American history. It was during her senior year of high school that she decided to major in Political Science.

During her sophomore year of college, she did an internship with an organization that works to empower mothers from impoverished communities and helps their offspring receive proper education. During these couple of months, she realized she had to do something to help her country and recognized that my childhood was very different from others due to the severe social, political and economic contrast that she experienced growing up in Guatemala.


Growing up in a very conservative country actually made her teenage years a bit rough. Half of her family was born and raised in the United States, thus she was always exposed to a more liberal way of thinking. Consequently, she was severely judged by a group of people for various months because she thought and acted in a very different way. 

Actually, my first two years of college I was bullied by a group of boys who called me hippopotamus. Looking back, I regret getting trapped by their insecurities, which made me more insecure and made me believe I looked bad. When really it was them who looked bad, bullying other people. Nonetheless, I learned throughout this period to love myself and respect every individual’s body.

Moving to the United States

I’ve always been very familiar with American culture.

After taking various classes in English during high school and having an American family, she always had an enormous desire to move to the United States. During her senior year of college she decided to get some work experience related to the fields of Journalism and Political Science. Since then, she has been an intern for a couple of companies.

Women Empowerment

I grew up in a country surrounded by a machista culture, where gender inequality is a current social concern because unfortunately the female population does not get the same opportunities as males.

Consequently, she took various classes in college related to this topic and got the opportunity to work for a local NGO striving to empower women and reduce the prevalent gender gap in Guatemala.


In the long-term she plans to work for the Ministry of Education in Guatemala, to help women get access to education and lineally reduce gender inequality.

Two years ago. she went abroad and studied in Liverpool, United Kingdom for a couple of months and discovered she was very passionate about travelling and meeting new places and people. So she decided to apply to a Travel Writing Blog and got in. Her first articles were mostly about travelling throughout Guatemala and during the process of writing, editing and publishing them she fell in love with the journalism field.

Future Goals

She plans to publish as many articles as possible related to women empowerment, politics and international news. She is also planning to get involved with Guatemalan Public Policy regarding education of women this summer. In the short-term she plans to get a full-time job in the journalism industry. Nonetheless, in ten years she sees herself working with education, women empowerment and public policy.

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