Shelena Omokaro’s Truths Behind Her Blog, Diary of Queen Esther


Pick up your crown young one and place it on your head. In light of the cards you have been dealt or the constant ridicule you may face, you are and always will be a Queen. Her vision shines so bright and speaks volumes, Shelena of Diary of Queen Esther sought out to awaken the Queen Esther in YOU.

Diary of Queen Esther is an inspirational source to inspire moms, wives, and women who are in the pursuit of living a purpose-filled life. Her purpose is for you to begin living life knowing you are highly favored and crowned with God’s Glory.

In the midst of her purpose-filled life, Shelena gave us a moment of her time to talk about her blog, Diary of Queen Esther and how she continues to step outside of the box to feed her soul.

What’s the motivation behind the blog “Diary of Queen Esther”?

The motivation behind Diary of Queen Esther was to inspire women to step into our God-given purpose for our lives.

You combine many elements into your blog, how are you able to blog about more than one subject?

The combination of many elements come from the artistry within in me.  As a designer/artist, I'm inspired by many things as I'm sure many people are.

Therefore, it was my goal to create a creative space full of beauty, words, fashion, vision, purpose, stories and many other elements that speak directly to my heart.  

Additionally, I believe we must explore the many elements of who God created us, in order to expand our minds. I believe when the mind is expanded, we begin to understand we are multifaceted and multi-purposeful.

See the world's goal is to box us in, control our minds and manipulate us into thinking we are limited, option-less and purpose-deprived. I believe when we allow God to break that oppressing mentality, the light comes on, our vision is restored, and now we can see God's purpose for our lives.  It's in those moments we'll tap into all of these amazing gifts and talents God gifted us with. Once I began to understand that, I knew it was okay to let my inspiration lead the way. I don't place limits on what God uses to inspire me.

In one word, how would you describe your style?


What’s one fashion style that will never go out of season?

One fashion style that will never go out of style? CLASS (Classic). Brands that have been able to maintain class are Chanel, Dior, and Chloe (my favorite). True class will always outlast any trendy style.

True class will always outlast any trendy style.

In 2017, how will you continue your vision of watching women take their places in society as the “Queens” they were created to be?

In 2017, my vision to oversee women take their place as the Queens we were created to be, is to step from behind the computer screen and become more involved and hands on within my community. We have plans for a lot of upcoming events that will inspire both young and adult women to understand who we are and whose we are.

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