Yaminah Mayo: How She Turned Her Insecurity into an Opportunity

Not often do you come across individuals who intentionally do things out of their comfort zone to become the best version of themselves. And it’s always a pleasure to encounter someone who’s unafraid to push the limits. Yaminah Mayo is that someone.

She took some time to share with us how she used her insecurity to propel her into her new opportunities and how she continues to work with brands such as Refinery29 and Colgate.

You have such a beautiful free-spirited personality. What experiences significantly impacted who you are today? 

I have a mentality that everything will work out the way it's supposed to so I really force myself not to stress out about little or big things. It's not easy though.  

What insecurities did you face growing up and how did you overcome them or how are you dealing with them today?  

I'm extremely self-conscious and I don't trust myself easily and it hinders a lot of things I attempt, so it inspired me to start my blog and my podcast so that I'm forced to become comfortable hearing my voice and trusting that voice.  

What else inspired you to start your Girl on the Glo podcast? What can new listeners expect when they tune in for the first time? 

My insecurity with trusting myself really sparked an interest in podcasting. I also love podcasts such as Girl on Guy and The Read and I love hearing new perspectives and hearing about other people's lives and hardships and learning about how they've overcome. That being said, new listeners can really look forward to explicit content on politics, business and my new life as a struggling New Yorker. 

You recently collaborated with Refinery29 and Colgate. How did that opportunity come about? What advice would you lend to entrepreneurs and influencers looking to land similar partnerships?

I work with Refinery29 often and I enjoy every experience. I feel as though our messages are very parallel and so every time they have something that they think I'll be good for they give me a call. Colgate just happened to be one of those calls.

For influencers, my advice would be to be patient and stay true to yourself. It's so cliché but no one can ever say that I've shape shifted in the search for partnerships. 

For influencers, my advice would be to be patient and stay true to yourself. It’s so cliché but no one can ever say that I’ve shape shifted in the search for partnerships

As you continue to expand your brand and influence, what is one thing you’re working on doing better in your personal and professional life so that you can continue reaching your goals?

One thing I'm becoming better at is putting myself on a strict 9-5 schedule so I have something to do every day from 9-5 for my blog.

The next is reaching out to brands for partnerships and collaborations because I've never actually done it before, they've always come to me and there are so many that I want to work with so I need to be the one lighting that fire. 


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