Fideliz Cruz’s Keys to Business, Motherhood & Fearlessness

Living out your purpose is about combining your passion and love into one package; Fideliz Cruz, personal stylist and life coach, has found meaning through this perfect match. It's not every day someone lands on the very thing they are meant to do but when it’s done, it’s magic!

Fideliz finds herself creating magic for clients without the wand and glitter. But she does help them find the most important piece: their unique self.

We recently spoke to Fideliz on how she balances life, deals with fear and activates faith. She also shares her reflections of 2016.


How do you balance work and being a mom?

I think one of the things I love most about working for myself is being able to have the freedom to create a schedule where I can be flexible – allowing me to take care of my family as well as look after my business in the comfort of my own home.

Whenever we talk about work and life balance, I think of Tanks. I call them Love Tanks! Each aspect of my life has a love tank; one for my daughter, one for my husband, one for my business and on it goes….I even have one for myself. I have to make sure that all of the love tanks are filled up by giving each of them quality time. I make sure that I’m flexible and can give extra TLC for those tanks that are running low.

You might not be working from home like I do, but here are two things I want to share that I know we all need to be doing in order to keep that work-life balance:


1) Prioritize

I believe it’s all about priority. Sometimes we might not make it to a fundraising event at school, but there are more important events that you’re going to attend. We all know as moms that there’s just so many events: school events + birthday parties + fundraising events + sports day and it goes on and on. NO, you don’t have to say yes to every invitation and every event there is!

Same thing with business events and networking engagements. We don’t have to say yes to all of them. If I feel that I got a project that I know will take up long hours and will affect my time with my family, I would rather say no. Which leads me to my next point….

2) Set Boundaries

At the end of the day, our children and family come first. Aren’t we all building our business for them? It’s really important that we set boundaries and manage time well. One of the ways I’m able to spend time with my family during dinner time and on the weekends is, waking up two hours extra each day to do most of my work when they’re not around so that when they are, I have done most of my work and I can dedicate those extra hours to them. 

How have you combined personal styling and life coaching under one business?

My business started out as a personal styling business, where I would do one-on-one style sessions and wardrobe consultations as well as run style workshops every season. During this time as I was serving in this industry, I had the pleasure to work with many women who love fashion and who were excited about styling. However, I really wanted to offer something more and starting thinking of how I could add value to my clients. I didn’t want to just talk about what to wear, but I wanted to share something much more meaningful and offer a service that would change their life.

I enrolled as a Life Coach and once I graduated, I infused life coaching into my personal styling service. It’s the best thing that I have done for my business! There are many personal stylists out there, but this is something that sets me apart as well as a great platform for me to be able to serve women in a unique, deeper and meaningful way.

Now they can learn about styling but most importantly, come from a place of authenticity and really look after their inner being as well as their outer appearance. As we all know whatever’s inside should manifest on the outside and yes darling you’re Beautiful INSIDE and OUT! 

What’s the most memorable reaction from a client who discovered her unique authentic self?

I had the pleasure to work with a client who was given a makeover. Her company paid for all expenses, from her shoes, her handbag, all of her outfits for the week, her hair, makeup and manicure.

This was her first “real job” after high school and so when I first met her she was very quiet, timid and a little awkward and shy. When we finished her makeover and she got out of the fitting room, she was a totally new person. She had the biggest smile on her face, her posture changed and she walked with confidence.

I remember her crying as she said, “thank you for the day.” This is one client that had discovered her unique style and has learned to embrace her identity. It was such a memorable moment for me as we both were crying by the end of our session. 

What are you currently fearing and how do you plan to overcome your fear?

My Goodness! Well, right now there’s a lot of things that I could be fearing.  In 5 days, I will be hosting my first SHE Women’s Ministry Conference. I could be fearing that not many people will attend, that something might go wrong, the program might not be good enough, or that I might not be able to deliver the best message while I speak. But then that’s doubting what GOD can do.  Fear is all about “what ifs” when we think of the worst case scenario. But, Praise God that we don’t have to think that way! Yes, we might feel fear, but we have the power to replace that fear with FAITH and take courage and do those things we were called to do even in the midst of fear.


1 John 4:18

“There is no fear in LOVE. But perfect love drives out fear.”


When you truly love what you do, and when you look back at the reason WHY you’re doing what you do – the love that started that vision and who you’re doing it for – may it be in your career, business, love life or family, I truly believe that will drive out your fear. It will build your faith and give you the courage you need to do what you need to do. 

When you truly love what you do, and when you look back at the reason WHY you’re doing what you do, It will build your faith and give you the courage you need to do what you need to do

How are you preparing to close out 2016?

I still can’t believe that this year is nearly over! How am I preparing to close this year? I feel like so many things have happened this year; many lessons learned, many doors of opportunities opened, many goals achieved. More than I thought possible. Really it’s just phenomenal and I‘m so grateful!

I’m preparing to close out 2016 by simply being grateful and being mindful of all of the things God has done this year! Even now as I write this I’m in awe of what God has done in my life.

Usually, I would be writing out my goals for next year, mapping out my business for the coming year and yes I will be doing that; but my priority as I close out this year would be to give the glory and the highest praise to God for everything that he has done and given Him thanks for the coming year where I believe it will be even greater.

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