Entertainment Strategist Rachel Jackson Talks How She Became the Person that Connects the Dots

True fulfillment comes from helping others. Today’s feature Rachel Jackson has the opportunity to do that every day. As an entertainment strategist and Atlanta Market Manager for Fresh Empire, she is the ultimate problem solver and she gets the job done. She credits her success to God and Clark Atlanta University, both playing significant roles in the helping her become the woman she is today.

Read more of our interview with Rachel to find out how she got to where she is today, and where she’s going next.


How was your childhood?

I was raised in a very diverse setting. My mother made sure that I was exposed to many different types of music, languages, foods, performing/visual rts and experiences. I loved to dance and swim rowing u; I also considered a professional career in both in my adolescent lif!

What would you say has molded you into the person you are today?

Attending Clark Atlanta University undoubtedly shaped e into the person I am today. I met many of my life-long friends & business constituents that I look to as an extended-family. At CAU I was challenged beyond belief to be the best possible me & I learned so many valuable lessons about myself & my career path that wouldn't have been revealed or realized if I hadn't set my sights on 223 James P. Brawley Drive.

What has lead you to your career path?

God and my love for being the "person that connects the dots." I've always had a passion for figuring out processes & streamlining confusion to help others; as if life is my chess board. After music and entertainment fell into my lap in my teen years, I grew into the person many notable people came to for various strategies. To this day, I'm amazed at the types of phone calls, text messages & emails I get! Each day is a new opportunity for me to rise to a different occasion that positions my agency to assist in someone's success, hich in turn gratifies what I believe to be my purpos.

How is it being the ATL arket Manager for Fresh Empire?

It's sheer career perfection. couldn't have asked for a more fitting position within a cause that's so visionary in my hometown. Fresh Empire allows me to be my absolute self, while serving as an agent for positive behavior change. The risk of smoking tobacco is prevalent in the 12 to 18-year-old age group that identifies with hip-hop. Mainly because of the stigma that using it is an authentic part when it really isn't. I admire artists like Big K.R.I.T, Lil' Yachty & Sage The Gemini who have joined our cause to uproot and eliminate such misconceptions.

Why and how do you consider yourself an Entertainment Strategist?

"Entertainment Strategy" is a trail that I blazed amongst my peers subconsciously. I had no textbook, no mentor, and at the time, no "notable figure" to frame my career after.

It was one of those things I just realized was taking place after working with so many "fan favorites" and signing so many non-disclosure agreements. I vividly remember asking myself "Damn, who am I?" after leaving the home of a high-profile client who needed a spur of the moment problem solved – with a check in hand after handling the issue. 

What are you working on now? What are your ultimate goals?

Currently, I'm working on a number of private event experiences for BET Hip-Hop Awards weekend in Atlanta, GA.

My ultimate goal is to essentially lead by example hile charging those around me to do the same. I want to be an elevated version of myself who helps people, changes lives, and changes the world one perspective at a time.

I want to be an elevated version of myself who helps people, changes lives, and changes the world one perspective at a time.


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