Luna Love on Feeling Unempowered & Embracing Self-Love

Luna Love believes in making dreams a reality. Very early on she was blessed with her musical talents, but like many of us, the path to success wasn’t a straight path. Through trial and error, she’s blossomed into the beautiful artist, music instructor, and mother of three that she is today. It was her level of resilience that has allowed her to remain unstoppable.

Read more below as Luna shares how she got to where she is today in a transparent interview.


What shaped you into the woman you are today?

Definitely my foundation, which would include my family, my upbringing, and my influences. My grandmother definitely played an integral part in my foundation. She was the one that gave me the gift of music. And, she also introduced me to the gift of prayer. Those two things combined, having a strong sense of spirituality, and being introduced to music at such an early age has definitely shaped me into the woman I am today. My experiences also shaped the woman I am today. Messing up a bunch of times, burning bridges, and being young and wild taught me many lessons.

Why is women empowerment so important to you?

Because as a young woman I felt so unempowered. I felt so afraid. I walked a long line feeling like I was voiceless.

But, I came into a level of self-awareness and consciousness at a very early age. I became a vegan and I cut the relaxer out of my hair when I was about 14 or 15. I made those transitions with my twin sister and having that support system made it easier but it was still difficult.

Even with those internal transitions that changed my connection with the universe, there’s still deeper levels you have to go. It all boils down to finding out who you are and what your purpose is and loving yourself through the whole process.

It’s important to me because I want all women to know they don’t have to compromise. I think a lot of women are in situations where they feel they have to compromise because of family, children or finances, but again you have to just believe in yourself. And that comes with self-love. It’s revolutionary, when you love yourself you teach other people how to treat you.

when you love yourself you teach other people how to treat you.

Growing up, what are some challenges that you struggled with but have since overcome?

Believing in myself and having that image of self-love. It took me a really long time to get to the level of confidence where I am now. Because of my looks, my talent, and what people thought I had, unfortunately I’ve always had to battle being misunderstood. When people misunderstand you there’s judgement that goes along with that. And I allowed that to trap me. But not anymore because you live and you learn so eventually the flower has to blossom and the flower has to recognize itself. 

What inspired you to do music?

My family. I come from an artistic family. My grandmother gave us the gift of music very early. She was the district supervisor of music at my church, as several others. I grew up with an organ and a piano in the house. My first instrument was the violin in the 1st grade. So, music was always there. I would like to think that music chose me.

What are your overall goals?

To live and to sustain my life. Living as a creative. Living well. Living abundantly. Living successfully as a woman. And, that means all of my creative endeavors will be some sort of self-sustaining support for me and my family and my community. I also want to write a book, go on a tour, and travel. But the overall goal is to live as a full-time creative so that my work provides for me and opens doors for others.

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