Susan Carol on Trusting Your Dopeness


Susan Carol has been singing since the age of three when she got in front of the congregation at her dad’s church and performed a special number. Coming from a musical family, it’s no surprise that Susan Carol has plans to storm the music industry one single at a time.

Dive into the Q&A we had with Susan below and learn more about her journey and the advice she has for aspiring artists.


At what age did you start singing? Does anybody in your family also know how to sing?

I started singing at the age of 3 years old in my dad's church. Yes, my mom sings, my dad was also a singer, my sisters both sing and my brothers play instruments. We're all musically inclined in some way!

Do you write you own music? Where does the inspiration come from when writing your music?

Yes, I write and compose most to all of my own music, with the occasional help from a few of my close friends. I draw inspiration from my everyday life and experiences. My music is real!

Who do you look up to in the music industry and why?

I look up to a lot of different people in the industry for different reasons but if I had to say a name I'd say Erykah Badu, because she's talented, unique, a musical GENIUS and unapologetically herself. She's real and it reflects in her art. 

What can we look forward to with your music career?

You can look forward to lots of amazing music and art in general. I plan to just simply show the world me and share my talent and my story! I want to inspire people to be great and to love themselves and one another.

What is your advice to other up and coming artists?  What should they focus on the most?

My advice would be to trust your dopeness, don't change to fit what you feel people want to hear or see. You and your gift is what makes you special and will make you stand out. Focus on perfecting your craft, your music and your brand, put your heart and soul into it and believe in yourself. People will too.

My advice would be to trust your dopeness, don’t change to fit what you feel people want to hear or see

Susan Carol recently released her official video for her new single “Ride or Die,” check it out here. You can also stay up to date with Susan on Instagram, @_susancarol.