Grace Lamuye Shares How She Helps Women Embrace Their Natural Beauty

Often times we as women set our standards of beauty on unattainable perfection of what society tells us we are supposed to look like. But Grace Lamuye challenges us to dig internally, embrace our natural selves, and set our own standards. At eight years old, she discovered her gift, and though she strayed away from it at times, she ended up finding a career in something she’d been doing her whole life.

Read more below to learn about how Grace started CREVNATURALS.


How was your childhood growing up?

Growing up in a traditional family of eight, has definitely helped form a great part of my relational attributes, especially as it pertains to life and godliness. I had a father whom I viewed as the strength of our family, however, I saw my mother as the core – holding everyone and everything together.

I believe I had a pretty shielded, healthy, and well-balanced childhood. Being the first of six children, my level of independence developed faster than I could remember. My parents held me accountable for any mishap that any one of my siblings may have experienced, at any given day. I couldn’t understand it at the time, but as an adult, I now appreciate what they did, because it has helped me greatly in not only focusing on bringing great service to my clients, but to ensure that my team of beauticians do likewise.

Did you struggle with any insecurity in the past and what advice would you give others who may face them?

As a child, I had some insecurities, and I am sure some more all the way to young adulthood. Even though, I grew up in a big city in Nigeria, my highly melanin pigmented skin tone still found a way to stand out everywhere I went. All through my elementary school days, I would always wonder why everyone called me ‘blackie’. I soon realized that my skin tone was richer in melanin than most people, and they took the time to point that out. Initially it made me uncomfortable, because I could not be as inconspicuous as I would have loved to be.

The good news is that by the time I made it to middle school, I began to see it as a compliment rather than a problem. I saw it as, me having such an infectious feature that could not go unnoticed. I changed the definition of what seemed to be an attack to a positive feedback. This ability to re-define ‘name-calling’ was birth from an inner strength that was instilled in me through the love showered on me at home. All through my life’s journey, knowing whose I am has always helped me remember who I am from within, hence, limiting the influence of external negativity.

knowing whose I am has always helped me remember who I am from within

How did you develop your passion for beauty and hair?

As a little girl of about 8 years old, I just wanted to make everyone beautiful. I did not even start out with dolls; I was so confident that I went straight to human’s hairs – well, my mom turned out to be a good spot after little persuasion.

What is CREVNATURALS all about? What separates you from others in the same field?

The Almighty birth me in a natural position to lead, and I discovered He gave me a heart to serve to go with that; so that’s what CREVNATURALS was created to do. We are all about giving the kind of service that leads people to a place of embracing their natural beauty. We have, and continue to put a lot of effort into helping our clients manage their own God-given tresses. Whether they have chemically processed or unprocessed hair; it is theirs and it deserves a tender loving care - that’s where we come in.

Over time, women have come to us with patches or bald-spots in their hair and we have been able to help them nurture their hairs back to life by using our natural products and various protective styles. However, none of these would be possible if we are not able to first help them see the possibility of growth and increase, hence, our primary goal is always to birth hope in people – the result is always rewarding.

What do you have planned for your future? What can we expect from you?

The next project, on which I am working, is to integrate the world of superficial beauty with spirituality, in order to present a wholesome being in every woman. In my 24 plus years of beautifying women, I have observed that outer beauty or outward adornment is never enough to project a person’s radiance.

Hence, the need to go deeper! Be sure to look out for my blog on which I will feature some of our clients’ success stories using our products, and the victories of having hair again after the ordeal of battling cancer.


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