Success Coach Stacia Pierce Shares the 3 Things You Must Do to Have a Productive Day

Life coach, check. Business coach, check. TV host, check. Entrepreneur, check. Fabulous, check, check! Stacia Pierce is all that and more and her mission to see women succeed shows in everything she touches.

What started off as inspirational conferences for women, quickly turned into business coaching and today, Stacia teaches thousands how to find their passion and make a profit.

In her transparent interview, she shares how she knew she was destined to coach women, where she gets her style from, why her mornings are the most important part of her day, and so much more.

How did you become a life coach? How did you know that being a life coach was your calling?

I had been a motivational speaker for many years. I traveled the nation speaking at women’s events and hosting my own annual conference and courses.  Each year, thousands of women and teens were showing up to my conference to be inspired to achieve. My mission was to motivate women to succeed. My message was about success, but one that would fit any woman in any circumstance.  

I have always wanted to help women find their passion then profit from it. Most people just don’t know how to make this happen. They have never been taught how to do business, love it and live off of it. So, when women would leave my live events they would always call back asking for more. The constant requests for private mentorship and business guidance motivated me to begin success coaching. It was the best avenue for me to do what I love and for me to help others do what they love. 

How did you branch off into business coaching? What made you want to start holding classes?

For about two years, I started getting more and more requests for business mentorship. We were getting hundreds of inquiries from those who wanted to take action on the inspiration and information that they received at my Women’s Success Conference. There was a whole group of people that wanted step-by step instructions on how to start a business doing what they loved.

At my 10th annual women’s conference, I announced my first private business retreat for business owners. The cost was significantly higher than my conference registration. I was only interested in working with those who were serious about entrepreneurship. The retreat gave me a chance to see how many people really wanted to go on this path with me. I opened the event up to only 25 people and we sold out in one week! I was excited and amazed at the immediate response.

That retreat confirmed that I was moving in the right direction.

Once I started, everything began to take off. I rebranded my business, products and services. I basically converted my brick and mortar business into an ecommerce business. By doing this, I was able to reach a wider audience. I started focusing on online marketing and began selling out of my products and courses.

Then, I launched my first business coaching program and worked closely with a group of business owners for six months and helped them achieve many of their business goals, with several of them breaking into six figures.  Only one month after we launched, we had grown to over 65 clients and it has been growing ever since.

How did you get into TV hosting?

My nationally syndicated show aired daily for over 5 years. Then, once I shifted my business focus, I started hosting my own show that I produced. Now I have a website dedicated to coaching,

I see that you’re also a fashionista, do you have a stylist or do you style yourself? Where does your fashion style inspiration come from?

Fashion is my first love. I’ve always been into styling and fashion since I was a young girl. In fact, my first job was dressing mannequins and designing window sets for a department store called Steketees in my home town.  I style myself. My inspiration comes from reading my favorite fashion magazines and weeklies. I take time weekly to catch up on the latest in fashion trends and news.

How do you juggle your work life, your personal life and social life being the busy business woman you are?

There are three main things that I do daily that allows me to be productive on a daily basis:

I Meditate in the Morning: The most important part of my day is the morning hours. I take time early in the morning to think about my day and my big picture. Meditating increases my creativity and helps me to develop a master plan to get more done in a day. I meditate on my goals and business objectives. I usually create my daily to-do list during this time. I find it useful to think about everything I want to get done and make adjustments in this quiet moment before I actually start my day.

I Live by Lists: In order to be more efficient throughout my day, I use checklists for everything! Before I start any new project, I create a list. I have lists for all of my activities like shopping, writing, marketing processes, and product creation. This daily practice makes everything easier, especially when you are managing a team, and several projects at once.

I Get Fixated on Fast Action: There’s a thrill that comes with checking things off the list and accomplishing as much as you can throughout the day. It gives you momentum to get more done. Not only is this a rule that I live by, but I also tell my clients to take at least one action daily to get you closer to your goals. Decide what’s important right now and don’t let anything get in the way of the one thing you want to get done each day. Also, get started before you’re ready. There’s no perfect time, take action, implement, then adjust as you go!

Decide what’s important right now and don’t let anything get in the way of the one thing you want to get done each day


What keeps you inspired on a day to day basis?

I stay motivated by keeping my storyboards around me and visualizing often about my dreams and goals. I created the Dreambook to keep me focused on my future by pasting words and photos on the pages of the book. I look through it often. I also write affirmations on my Stacia Stickies and post them on all over my place. That’s what I post on Instagram every morning. What inspires me also inspires others. Lastly, I love reading inspiring books and biographies, hanging around inspiring people and going to church to hear an inspiring message on a weekly basis.

What advice do you have for young women that look up to you?

Use your journal to script the life that you want. It costs you nothing to dream big. Start by writing your greatest desires and 101 goals down and read them often. The more you’re clear on what you want, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

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