Sherita Stanley on her Vision 4 Production

“Obstacles that approach you in the dark won't be there forever, if you turn on the light. Be blessed. Be great. Believe in yourself!” Those wise words are from Sherita Stanley and she certainly practices what she preaches.

In a transparent interview, Sherita encourages us to continue to reach for success despite unexpected obstacles. Read more below as she shares her truths about the difficulties of losing her mother in the midst of chasing her dreams.

How was your childhood?

My childhood was pretty cool I must say! I've traveled around this world my whole life, which made me grow up with a go get it attitude. Three months after I was born, my family moved to Missouri and we stayed there for roughly five months while my parents trained for the military. We then moved to Ramstein, Germany when I turned one. We stayed in Germany for four years and, from what I can remember during my first experience, everything about Europe was amazing!

After our stationing was up, we moved to Columbus, Georgia where I started my first experience in an American school system. Can you say different? However, we stayed in Georgia for 3 years and moved back to Germany for a second time.

I'm not sure if anyone else was super excited. But I was; not only did I have memories my parents told me about but also I was excited to experience it again for myself even more! We stayed in Germany for 3 years, there I experienced more fun like traveling across Europe, and seeing over 10 countries. We moved to Louisiana once again when our stationing was up. I then grew up and attended the same junior high school my parents did. These things allowed me to see things people dream of seeing and I appreciate actually experiencing it for myself!

What life experiences molded you into the person you are today?

I would say growing up in a military family and always traveling, gave me a get up and go attitude. I don’t allow things that I face to hold me back.

After graduating high school, I accepted a full scholarship closer to my hometown (Minden, Louisiana) to play basketball for Southern University in Shreveport, La. I still believe this was God speaking to my heart telling me not to go too far to school yet.

A couple months go by, and I lost my mother "Sherry Stanley" to a brain tumor on January 11, 2008. This happened right before my basketball game in Little Rock, Arkansas, I never imagined I would travel to do what I love and return home to an empty house.

When this happened I finished out the school year with my team, but personally knew I needed to clear my head of the destruction. I was offered a full scholarship from Coach Marty Hawkins to John A. Logan College in Carterville, IL. I was excited to be there, yet I faced another obstacle.

The 2008-2009 basketball season had started and we had faced our third team, I had been having a good game (17 points, 4 Rebounds, 3 steals) for the most part. I was guarding the guard I had been stealing the ball from all night, well this third steal was the one. I went to grab the ball as it hit the floor, while I obtained the steal, my knee blew out as I went to pivot forward.

Instantly, I knew my ACL was torn, but you know how trainer's do their job at keeping you as calm as possible. My head was racing in the inside. Not only did my thoughts consist of the death of my mother, but now I've lost two things I deeply care about. I learned a lot about life really fast and these things had a huge impact on my perspective.

I later attended Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, PA where I finished out my college basketball career and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management, while minoring in Coaching.

After graduating college, I played Semi-Professional Basketball for a year with the Shreveport Sun, while being a graduate coach at Grambling State University. I am currently obtaining a Master's Degree at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX in Professional Communication and Digital Media.

My message to those reading is never allow anyone to tell you that you can't obtain what you want to accomplish. Those obstacles that approach you in the dark won't be there forever if you turn on the light! Be blessed. Be great. Believe in Yourself!

How did you get into video production?

I never thought I would be into production after always experiencing sporting opportunities, but it started my senior year in college at Slippery Rock University. I took an elective course on visual storytelling, and I fell in love with the art of telling a story in multiple ways. I had never placed random clips together to build whatever storyline I wished. It was so influencing to my life because my professor never provided us detail, he mostly just told us to get it done!

After creating my own story and actually realizing how fun and entertaining it was, I started observing the way the camera's work and creative things that can be obtained. I purchased my first DSLR Canon 40D in 2007 when I graduated high school but I would've never thought I would take it further than just snapping fun photos of my teammates and friends. 

Tell us about

Vision 4 Productions was created on September 11, 2014, as a media platform that develops creative creations through visual art and photography. We take pride in producing the hottest content to our audience worldwide with celebrity and artist interviews, vlogs, recaps, and more.

What are you working on now? What are your ultimate goals?

I'm currently working on a documentary called "Follow the Sound" which will be released in December 2016. This documentary will consist of the overall experience of music festivals and concerts. The documentary will influence first time concert goers to experience the fun and atmosphere of concerting, while finding traveling concert goers and obtaining their experiences.

My ultimate goal is to produce documentaries that will make people feel good, while influencing individuals to be entrepreneurs and create their own avenue! As well, I plan to open my own training facility and produce the hottest content for top athletes around the world! Keep building until the building falls!

My ultimate goal is to produce documentaries that will make people feel good, while influencing individuals to be entrepreneurs and create their own avenue!


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