Mental & Spiritual Advocate Tiffany Karieb Talks Blogging & Traveling the World


Blogger, mental and spiritual advocate and world traveler are among the many things you could use to describe Tiffany Karieb.

Unlike many, expressing herself on social media is not her forte. But, her love for writing cannot be ignored, it adds a sense of purpose to her being and she’s decided to no longer let fear stop her from sharing her truths with the world.

In our interview with Tiffany she discusses why she can never stop writing, what destination profoundly impacted her life and how she became a mental and spiritual advocate.

What made you want to become a blogger? What keeps you inspired to blog?

I wanted to become a blogger as a way to express myself, share knowledge, connect with others and help people the way I know how. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter weren’t for me as I’m too long-winded and opinionated for those platforms. Hence, I created my own blog.

What keeps me inspired is that I believe God called me to be a writer. Writing comes naturally for me, it also gives me an added sense of purpose because I’m not only doing it for myself. I have so much I'd like to share, lots of people do, but so many allow fear to inhibit them from speaking out. I was tired of being one of those people hindered by fear.

I was tired of being one of those people hindered by fear.

What places have you visited around the world and which place made the biggest impact on your life?

I’ve been to Jamaica, Bahamas, Tobago, Japan, all of UAE including the Palm Islands and Egypt. Does Germany and China count if I only spent one day in each of them? Just kidding. As a New Yorker, I’d like to mention that traveling to the West Coast is significant to us, mainly due to distance and the major difference in scenery. So, I’d like to throw in California and Nevada for kicks and giggles.

Egypt had the biggest impact on my life because I’ve been enchanted with their ancient history since my childhood. The more I learned and researched about it, the more mesmerized I became. I love the history of all Black people before the dawn of slavery but Egypt held a special place in my heart. When I arrived in Giza and came face to face with a real Pyramid, I became emotional. Touching something that old does something to your spirit. This may come off a bit strange but it felt like home. It was a wonderful yet mysterious experience. Although I spent almost two weeks touring the country from east to west, there was still so much more to see and learn. It was also quite satisfying to confirm for myself that the ancient people of Egypt looked more like me than the silver screen portrayed.

Wow that’s awesome, and I’ve just added Egypt to my bucket list! What motivates you to be consistent with writing?

What motivates me is that I enjoy writing very much and believe it’s a part of my servitude to God. It also gives me freedom of expression. Writing for a living would be my dream come true so I'm doing what I can to fulfill it.

When did you become a mental & spiritual advocate? Was it something that started as a child, or did it start as you were growing up?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an old soul and a connection with God. Admittedly, there were times in my life when that connection wavered. I’ve also played the mediator in my immediate family from a young age. Simply because I need peace in order to be happy, if I can help others attain peace I’m even happier. Somehow this notion led me to study the mind and human behavior. My education and experience helped me to realize that a lot of our issues stem from fear, unresolved issues and poor insight—but, most significantly (in my opinion), a lack of emotional intelligence. One of my goals is to help people grow in the latter.

What can we expect from you in the future? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

You can expect more consistency along with deeper and dynamic pieces. In the next 5 years, I see myself connecting with more people and helping others on a larger scale, especially women. In that time frame, I hope to free myself from the 9 to 5 and move into entrepreneurship.

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