Chari Chin-Young is still promoting peace around the world


By: Chelsea Whitley

"What inspires you most about life and living?" Chari Chin- Young spent all year asking this particular question to everyone she came in contact with. 

She realizesd that a better life begins at the end of your comfort zone. And it wasn’t until she realized the benefits of trading comfort for growth that she truly started living. She is a young peace-seeker, who has dedicated her life to travel and service. And she is now the co-founder of World Peace Connection and a part of Unearth Travel-prenuers YouTube channel. 

Still dedicating her life to travel, service and The World Peace Connection. The Word Peace Connection is spreading their wings this year and collaborating with other entrepreneurs in hopes to promote PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS. 

In a transparent interview, Chari shares her views on life and living.

What experiences helped shape the woman you are today?

Twenty-five years on this earth and I just recently discovered the things that inspires me. I am a woman who is open for growth, loves to feel uncomfortable, enjoys the mystery of travel, and wants the world to feel at peace. All while still understanding that I don't have it all together! I believe it's important to know that life and living are two separate things. Life is giving. Living is an opportunity! I live on this earth to be continuously shaped.

I believe it’s important to know that life and living are two separate things. Life is giving. Living is an opportunity! I live on this earth to be continuously shaped.

I am a product of a windowed Jamaican mother, who raised 12 girls; by the way I am the youngest. I am a New Yorker at birth and Atl-alien from high school to now. I am a Georgia Southern University Alumni. I am a Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. I am a Corp member of City Year. I am a co-founder of YouTube. I am a co-founder of World Peace Connection. I am God’s daughter. I am not perfect. I do not have it all together. I have felt uncertain, insecure and fearful. All of these experiences shaped me into saying this statement "I am Chari Chin-Young."

Growing up did you experience any insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them?

As a child, of course I experienced insecurities. I was the kid who did not want to conform but still wanted people to like me. I never completely felt smart enough or certain. Most importantly, I did not know if I would ever live life to my full potential! But it wasn't until I removed myself from my comfort zone that I knew that I would never feel fully secure! I know that I am constantly growing and will be forever GROWING UP!

Once I grasped that concept, I realize that I can overcome my insecurities by understanding that uncertainty, curiosity and fear are all a part of growing! My advice is to continue to tap into your childlike insecurities but don't be childish!

Tell us more about World Peace Connection. What has been your most rewarding experience?

The World Peace Connection is an inspirational platform designed for individuals around the world to live out their inspiration.


In 2015, Dane and I decided to quit our jobs and we started our own non-profit called The World Peace Connection. World Peace Connection inspires individuals to unite and give back to the world by pursuing their passions, all while connecting and being of service to others. The World Peace Connection was founded once one individual asked us “What inspires you the most about life and living?” We pondered on this question and our number one response was travel and serving others.

We decided to use our response as a guide for the rest of our lives. We took a 6-month backpacking journey to South East Asia (Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore) and not just backpack, but travel with a purpose with our non-profit. Our mission is to empower, inspire and create a world peace connection through our travels. Throughout our travels we sponsored 7 different projects, which included us donating funds to local families, small businesses and other NGO’s in the majority of the countries we visited. We interviewed over 100 people and connected with them by asking the one question “What inspires you the most about life and living?”

The most rewarding moment through this World Peace Connection journey is realizing no matter what country that I am in we all want one thing, which is the connection of peace. I shared sacred moments with strangers from the other side of the world and the common language we shared was love and peace.

With the results on my travel journey, I was also able to connect with other powerful women in Bali. We connected instantly and realized we are 3 women, who reside in 3 different countries that have 3 different brands. We are now hosting an Instagram (@Travellitetv) and YouTube ( showing the world 3 different ways to travel through the lens of 3 strong-willed women. Big ups to Jasmine Pringle and Jena Dominque, as a collective we make Unearth.

What inspires you the most about life?

The first time I answered this question, it really hit me hard. I broke down the difference between life and living. Life to me is something that is giving, but living is a choice. I realized in that moment that I was fortunate enough to even have a choice to live or just have life!

I didn’t want to just have life, I wanted to live! It clicked to Dane that, his inspiration is traveling and mine is service! So we took a leap of faith, quit our jobs and spearheaded The World Peace Connection. We want others to feel that same “ahh haa” moment we felt. We use our travels to inspire others to live! So what inspires me the most about life and living is to live my life to inspire individuals to help them discover the epic idea that motivated their birth. I will use my non-profit as a cyber platform for individuals to start their inspirational projects and connect with other individuals.

What are some things you hope to accomplish with World Peace Connection in the future?


The World Peace Connection is already within each individual around the world. It is a movement, a lifestyle and a verb. I believe that we will inspire people to use what is already gifted inside them to connect and inspire the World. As we look to the future, our focus is to find a way to make service look cool. We are breaking the stigma of people feeling like they have to have it "all together" but in reality it's already within.

If we can get people to start doing what they love to do and take action towards their passions by following what inspires them the most about life and living, we believe it will inspire many others around them to make positive change as well. And through that shared experiences around the world, it connects us all and that's how we will build a World Peace Connection.

My partner Dane Caston always says, the currency of the Kingdom is relationships. So sustaining an organization that builds relationships is what we plan to keep doing here at the World Peace Connection. "What inspires you the most about life and living?"

When you were younger, did you always know you would be in the field you’re in now? If not, what changed your path? 

As a child, I always told myself that I was going to be famous. I was going to have cameras flashing, modeling, live in a mansion and travel around the world. I just knew I was going to be on television and make some sort of impact on the world. I just didn’t know to what extent. Now that I am 26 years old, reflecting on my childhood dreams it’s quite comical and surreal. I was able to accomplish most of my childhood dreams in a matter of years. I did not know I was going to be a Co-Founder of a social enterprise called World Peace Connection. Nor did I know I was going to quit my job working in a talent agency to backpack to over 11 countries, curate countless stories about inspiration and speak about travel and purpose at Universities. One of the biggest things I didn’t know was that I was going to meet the man of my dreams in high school, who is now my business partner, travel companion, and best friend. My childhood dreams quickly changed by answering one question...

Do you believe social media is more beneficial to creatives or do you think it's damaging the industry? 

I am such a big advocate for social media. Social media is a FREE, let say that again FREE marketing tool. 

Think about it, less than 10 years ago companies had to pay to get one message to at least 100 people, now it's just one click of a button. A creative should understand the power of marketing, most importantly the power of community. You can spread your message to someone on the other side of the world through one hash tag. This is the best time to be living!! I don’t care what anyone has to say. Think how much better it’s going to get! Social media is less than a decade old. But it just goes back to human behavior. As a human you have to be aware and understand how much control you have. Don’t get blinded by the shiniest of social media. Social media only exist so your brand can get wider. It's up to you to use other resources to go deeper! It's about depth not width. 


If you had to pick one duty of changing the world, what would you do and why?

This question is so awesome, because I believe it’s the exact reason why I believe in the World Peace Connection. Our duty is to create Peace and Change around the world through social campaigns. We truly believe that once you have identified what your inspiration is, you can operate fully in your God-given purpose. Once you are able to take that first step of inspiration you will develop this peace, peace within and peace without. The peace will overflow into fueling your inspiration creating opportunities and connections, A World Peace Connection. Don’t be afraid to operate in what truly inspires you. We all have an assignment here on earth, you can only be filled with peace once you start to operate in your inspiration which will help identify your purpose. Promote Peace, Love and Happiness. The World Peace Connection is always available to share our experiences through speaking engagements, programs, campaigns and creative content to get the message of what inspires you the most about life and living to every human existing!!

During this past year, what obstacles did you encounter with life in general and what did you learn from them?  

The year of 2017 has been nothing but a learning experience for me. Through my travels to Bali, teaching abroad and being confined in one area, I learned that human behavior is the most interesting concept existing. Humans have the capability of creating and destroying. We as humans sometimes let our flesh lead to desires that may not be aligned with our purpose, but this year has taught me how to let my spirit lead. I have experienced that my life is not my own. I am NOT IN FULL CONTROL. Yes, I can plan, save and create opportunity but ultimately if things are not my assignment and my time, then it simply will not align. The one thing that I have control of is feeding my spirit with positive energy, nutritious information, healthy choices and the reality of my faith. I learned to know that as humans we have to process and things take a process. I cannot expect peace and love to overflow in a room when I walk in; I have to share my life experience of travel, trials and tribulations, have an exuberating aura and just have complete FAITH that everything will align. 

What was the biggest goal for World Peace Connection this year and did you find any hindrances that came about? 

The biggest goal for World Peace Connection this year was to spark inspiration to other cultures youth from the one question we ask everyone we encounter with which is, “What inspires you the most about life and living?” We took some time to teach in Bali, Indonesia to accomplish our goal at an International Home School, while teaching and adjusting to living in a foreign country. The biggest hindrance understands the difference between visiting a country to do a program verses living in country for some time to complete a goal. We learned valuable lessons about the culture, policy, education, tourism and how to inspire individuals from another culture. We are super pleased with this entire year and would not have done anything different. One hindrance is the excitement of trying to share all our experience in an inspirational and digestible way. 


World Peace Connection has had a really great year, what are your plans for 2018? 

World Peace Connection is super excited to be the butterfly emoji in the year 2018. We are so ready to shine our colors which represents the different cultures we came in contact with, spread our wings which represents the weight being lifted from the trails and express metamorphosis, which represents the stages of the whole (caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly). 2018, entails inspiring peace and change around the world through social campaigns. We want to team up with other entrepreneurs and bring philanthropic vibes to their brand. We understand the importance of inspiration most importantly the impact of community, so team up with us and LET'S bring World Peace!!

To learn more about Chari Chin-Young and World Peace Connection, follow them on Instagram @charichinyoung and @WorldPeaceConnection