Rae-Anne Clarke: My Tragedy Turned into My Career


Growing up, Rae-Anne was diagnosed with depression at an early age. She struggled with self-harm, self-hate, and insecurities. After suffering a traumatic experience, she felt even more lost and broken. However, she changed the script from victim to victor and now shares her story with anyone willing to hear. Her story has helped other young girls strive to completely love themselves despite brokenness.

After discovering her purpose, Rae-Anne has stomped the city’s street mobilizing and encouraging women of all ages, read more below. 

What experiences, negative or positive, shaped you into the woman you are today?

I was diagnosed with depression due to my struggles with self-harm, self-hate, and insecurities throughout my junior high and high school years. May 2015, I was raped by a close friend and I felt even more lost and broken. My mother took me to a Lucinda Cross vison board party and I decided to change my life. Though I had undergone a traumatic experience, I did not want to live my life as a victim. I would no longer be deprived of joy, prosperity, and happiness. Since then, I have vowed to make every year my best year.

What made you decide your career path?

I witnessed my mother’s non-profit organization mobilizing and changing the lives of young women. These experiences helped guide my path to now helping women help themselves feel complete. I decided to pursue life coaching because this role has the potential to truly impact lives.

What are some obstacles you've had to overcome in the industry and how did you overcome them?

Some challenges I have faced are how to properly navigate my career choice. My career is unconventional and being that it does not require a straight path to college, I am experiencing multiple loopholes and alternative routes. Thus my challenges derive from ensuring I ask and take the necessary steps. To overcome these challenges, I study my craft, network, attend seminars, read, and watch YouTube videos.

What advice do you have for younger girls with the same career path?

Every girl has a story that another person is waiting to hear. Share your story because your story can change the life of someone else. Brand your story and talk to anyone who is willing to listen.  I would also advise younger women to start networking and placing themselves in positions to talk about their journey.  

Every girl has a story that another person is waiting to hear.

What are your current and future goals for yourself? Where can we find your work?

I am currently modeling for two companies as a brand ambassador. I haven’t signed with an agency yet, but I’m pursuing modeling with a vengeance. My future goals are to become a brand ambassador for a hair company and align myself with an established motivational speaker. You can find my current work on Instagram at @humanity_protector.