Our Interview with Leslie!


Leslie is an intelligent, Harry Potter loving, woman on a mission. We talked with Houston’s native Leslie Medrano about growing up Hispanic in Houston, Texas:

How was it growing up as a Hispanic in Houston, Texas?
“It actually wasn’t bad at all just because Houston is filled with Latinos. It’s a very diverse city, so it wasn’t hard for me to adjust. It wasn’t easy either but you know it takes time to fit in and feel comfortable.”

How’s your relationship with your parents? How has their influence shaped who you are today?
“My parents are life! My parents are hard working and have sacrificed everything for me so I can live this amazing life I live now. My parents had to grow up at the age of 16, because they had my older brother, so I feel like I grew up faster because we were taught to be prepared for everything & anything. My dad was a self made man. He’s been working for himself his whole life, and he taught me and my sibling to always strive for whatever we wanna do, and their support is just amazing.”

You’re in a biracial relationship, has it been challenging if so, how ?
“It hasn’t been challenging, because our families love us and support us and we don’t care what the world has to say about us or we don’t feel any different than any same race couple. We only worry about us, and growing as a couple”

What do you aspire to do in life, as in, what are your goals?
“I have many goals. My main goal is to be happy and love life. I don’t know exactly what I want to be yet, but I’m not in a rush. I’m a psychology major, but you never know I might end up loving something else. So my goals change every day but they're goals to where I grow as a person, and better myself as a person” 

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Bri'Ann Stephens