Kevia the Brand, Spiritual Strategist on Overcoming Hardships and Developing Self-love


In the spirit of overcoming, Kevia Jones talks about becoming triumphant over the trials life has thrown her way and how developing a love for herself sparked the motivation to become Kevia the Brand, Spiritual Strategist: Guiding you along the journey of CHOOSING YOU. Read below to discover the beautiful life transformation of Kevia.


Kevia’s childhood was defining if she had to call it anything. She says her life was a blessing and a curse, the type of childhood that never crosses your mind when fantasizing about giving birth to your own children. Her childhood was short lived, almost absent even. However, the great thing about her childhood is that it played a major role in the journey of becoming “her.” She experienced things that would knock the average woman off her feet. But she is grateful to God that she’s still standing.

At a young age Kevia was molested twice, put in the hands of older men for financial gain, exposed to a drug infested environment and so much more. With an absent father and a preoccupied mother, her teacher was experience. As the late great Tupac said, “Although I had it rough, I always had enough”. Despite all of the turmoil she faced and dealt with, it didn’t deter her from having a sense of determination. She strived to be the best that she could with what she had during these times. Somehow Kevia was able to remain this person with a big heart.


In her opinion, we all deal with insecurities stemmed from various places. As a child Kevia didn’t experience insecurities until she saw something different than her environment. She would say her insecurities resulted from not hearing and seeing the things that were necessary in order to feel secure as a child. She didn’t grow up with her father around to be the first man to tell her that she was beautiful or smart. Her mom wasn’t a hugger, so she searched for the love and affectionate gestures that could be reassuring to us as little girls and even as women. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Kevia didn’t know that most things existed until she was exposed to it and that’s when it dawned on her: the insecurities she faced had come from not having the ability to see that there was a better way to live. Kevia had thought all this time that her circumstances were her final destination. Once she was exposed to a different world, she eventually wanted more and was determined to have it at any cost. Admittedly she realized that was an unhealthy mindset. She looked to the world for these things starting at such a young age and after the world let her down so many times, that’s when it dawned on her. It had to begin with her. She had to learn to love herself, all of her no matter what.

As for today, Kevia deals with being her own biggest critic. She has been blessed to do so many great things, but because she has so much more that she would like to achieve, she always lets herself believe that she’s coming up short. It’s great to have the ambition, but the downside to that is not knowing how to celebrate the small accomplishments. Even though Kevia still struggles with this, she’s daily working towards growing past it. 


Kevia the Brand, formally known as Living Queenish is her baby. It is her life, her story. She was driven to tell her story. At the time of having this feeling, she was still coming out of a rough space in her life. She constantly went without sleep at night from having this feeling of needing to spread the word of how healing self love is.


There were many defining moments that made her realize that she needed self-love and healing, but the most eye opening instance was after going through a really bad breakup, experiencing life-threatening issues,and financial hardships only to realize no one on the outside could “fix her”. Kevia had to realize that there wasn’t a switch that she could flip that would magically take her to the other side of this ugly time in her life. This was going to require her to do the work and she couldn’t do it alone and it had to be her choice to do so. She worked daily on strengthening her relationship with God and really dug deeper. She stopped focusing and acting on the hurt and redirected herself to focusing on the healing. “I stripped my canvas and start painting with the colors that would reflect the woman that I was becoming. Kevia the Brand, Spiritual Strategist.” A lot of people misconstrue what a Spiritual Strategist is because of all the different stigmas attached to spirituality. She is simply someone who guides you along your journey of CHOOSING YOU.

Despite all of the turmoil I faced, it didn’t deter me from having a sense of determination.


She looks at social media as one of those sweet treats that you get the urge for, but can only have in moderation. It truly is what you make it. Just like that sweet treat you have to identify which brands are appealing to your taste buds and only consume those. She has witnessed social media work wonders for many, including herself. She says you have to be consistent and dedicated to your WHY. You have to build relationships and connect with others that are doing what you want to do. It’s an almost free platform, use it.


Kevia has achieved so much over the years but her greatest award has been finding her way to her unapologetic self, living freely, serving God in a way that it gives others chills. Her only goal is to be a vessel and to make an impact by using what’s in her hands and what’s in her heart.


“My first thought would be to tell them not to. Follow God’s direction and be lead by your spirit. Find your why, discover your purpose, identify where you want to end up and BEGIN. Be consistent, don’t give up and don’t let anyone else write your story. Keep in mind that there are 3 phases of life, which you can read about in my Ebook,”Is Your Shit Together?” And whatever you desire to do, do it. Don’t let anything nor anyone get in the way of you doing so. Don’t worry about who’s not supporting you or even who’s competing with you. Stay focused, practice healthy hobbies and execute on self care.”

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