We're always looking to recruit and expand our team! Joining our team will give you the opportunity to network and connect with our features and readers across the country. At Pink Productions, you'll be able to work alongside other passionate, creative and like minded individuals who truly care about changing the way women support women. The most exciting part is that you will be able to be apart of the ins and outs of a growing company!



The editor is responsible for supporting the editor-in-chief in the day-to-day details of The Pink Press and/or The Evolution sections of She has a great eye for detail, the ability to spot mistakes and excellent time management skills. She is creative, dedicated, and always willing to learn. She is a helping hand and she is all for women empowerment.


Our Pink Productions bloggers are responsible for contributing relevant content to the blog. Content is related to all things women empowerment! She is up to date. She is timely and she always appeals to the audience. Most importantly she has fun writing about the things she loves.


Interviewers for Pink Productions interview a select number of women for our blog. She connects with women around the world. She interviews them and gets them to go deeper into their story in hopes to inspire others. She is always on time, she is innovative, and she is a great listener. 


The Pink Productions Recruiter scouts amazing women to feature on the site. She finds women for The Evolution section and she scouts poets. Poets to be featured on our website. She has great communications skills, excellent time management, and she loves to empower women. She knows the mission and she is extremely personable. 


Pink Prods is looking for an experienced Event Coordinator to organize and plan excellent events for Pink Productions! You will be responsible to plan events that ensure the message of Pink Prods.


Pink Productions is seeking an individual who understands that social media plays a key role in business. We desire someone who is passionate about engaging with followers on our various social media platforms. She is apart of the social media team, she is knowledgeable about current trends, she knows and loves our audience. She analyzes our current audience and finds ways to make their experience better on social media. 


The website editor of Pink Productions is responsible for updating the content on She is a team player, as she will work closely with members of other teams to ensure that our website displays content that engages, informs and inspires our audience. She has great time management skills, she is eager to learn, and she takes initiative. 


The Content Creator creates the amazing flyers we use on social media,  as well as banner ad's and everything else. She has a passion for uplifting women, she's  innovative, and she loves to create.


The Pink Productions Videographer gets to go to amazing events and create content not only for us, but for her personal portfolio. She has fun networking with people, capturing amazing moments, and editing quality videos. She is eager to learn, timely, and passionate about women empowerment. 

Project Manager

Pink Productions is seeking a passionate individual who can create concepts that inspire, inform, and captivate our audience. As a Pink Productions Project Manager, you will be responsible for planning executing, and closing projects — defining the project, & building its comprehensive work plan.